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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I felt that I'd accomplished a great deal at work today. I cleared quite a few items from my desk, did some special projects related to Senior Fest and got a little editing out of the way.

Nance and I took our typical once-a-month lunch to celebrate the publication of both papers and enjoyed tempura at Thai Hana. Her Jaguar was getting new tires, so she asked me to take her to pick it up after lunch.

After work, I found not one, but two aliens in Stuart's bedroom. Rather than eating his face, they were all glued to the XBox.

"I'm going gator hunting," I told them. "Who wants to join me?"

Boys being boys, they all did! We went to the Viera Wetlands and fortunately, the roads were dry enough for us to drive through. We didn't see a great variety of wildlife, but we did see some. It's gator mating season and throughout the area, signs warned of aggressive behavior. We were fortunate enough to see a few alligators, but probably no more than five.  One was probably about 8 feet long, but the others seemed smaller.  My camera is small enough to fit in my pocket and goes wherever I go, but that means it does not capture wildlife photos very well. The few photos of alligators that I managed to take show much more water than reptile.

Today's sunset was not particularly inspiring, but the cloud formation was spectacular.

The boys asked me to drop them off at Woodside park, where they played football and worked up appetites. Since I was in the middle of making brownies, Josh and Joe went home; Stu tended to his own eating needs; Curtis was still at the garage agonizing over my 3rd gear.