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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today started  about an hour earlier than normal for me. I picked Katie up at her home after waiting for school buses and we went to McDonald's for breakfast. When I called Jill, she asked  me to pick up some copies of Viera Voice and since we were near the office, that was easy. We had barely accessed I-95 when Jill called to ask me to pick up some ink for another printer. The one she bought yesterday wasn't working fast or well enough to suit her.

Katie and I got ink from Wal-mart as well as some binder clips Jill thought we needed. That little detour behind us, we resumed our journey to the Melbourne Auditorium where we began our day with The Space Man and about 300 seniors who wanted to have their photos taken with him - and about 150 who did not. By the end of the day, we had a nice system set up where we kept the flow of traffic through our booth going smoothly in a circular motion. Even the guy in the space man suit tried to help direct them for us.

Everyone who had their photo taken with the Kenney Space Center Visitor Complex' Space Man received a packet of freeze dried Astronaut ice cream in addition to their free photo. Because the suit is so demanding, the actor inside took half hour breaks every thirty minutes. What a gig! He and his "Wing Man" were very charming and great representatives of KSC.

Even though many booths were closing down, the people who had their photos taken, waited around for their pictures. Last year, we worked with J.J. James, an Elvis tribute artist. J.J. was very good, and this year, people still talked about him, but no one remained AFTER the event to pick up photos!

Since the printer Jill bought didn't work and the one she borrowed wasn't much better, she still went to Walgreens to get them processed and printed. During each of the Space Man's breaks, Jill dashed out to print photos. We ran out of ice cream and the Space Man left for the day; still, people lined up to have their photos taken with the cardboard cutout!

After we cleaned up and loaded up the few leftover papers, Katie and I returned home to collapse in our respective homes.

After a nap and a call to hear my mother's voice, I am now uploading photos with and a glass of Labrot and Graham Woodford Reserve. Mellow time.