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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Today is Day 14 of Project 365 and it's also Viera Voice printing day...and Thursday. That means I was in the office alone until Katie arrived at 1. Today was one of the craziest days I've had at work in a long time. Both lines rang at the same time. I'd have people on call waiting while signing for deliveries. People in and out of the office, callers who didn't want to stop talking, and pages lining up for proofing.

Once I decided to let Voicemail take over, my day eased a bit. Katie was a tremendous help and eager to stay until I no longer needed her. I let her go home around 6. My day ended nearer 7.

Lynne and Katie helped proof; Jill and I made corrections and edited on the fly when a story turned out to be too long for the space available. THAT's the stuff I love! Being able to come up with a new headline or photo caption on the fly, discussing little ways to make the paper better, talking about our shared vision for how it should be.

In a week, we'll be meeting hundreds of our readers at Senior Fest! That's a big point in our paper's year. Jill and I started preparing for this big event by gathering enough papers and MyGuides for the one day event.

By the time Senior Fest is behind me, my car should have been released from its prison and received the C-Note safety certification and I'll be on my way to visit my mother. Who knows what I might find to photograph during that excursion?

For today, I leave you with about 500 copies of Senior Life, tomorrow's mail project and some audio books.