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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009.

My plans for today: Work on my novel; eat chocolate; drink Real Southern Sweet Iced Tea - all day.

My actions for today: Balance the checkbook; pay bills, watch Stu play with Kenny, stop whatever I was doing to go see what Curtis needed every time he called me to the garage, work on the novel a teeny bit, stop just before sundown to go out to eat with Curtis and buy groceries thereby avoiding any trick-or-treaters and watch "The Plan" while eating popcorn and drinking bourbon.

I did get some chocolate and more than the usual amount of Southern Sweet Tea before sundown.

This photo is of the table where we ate tonight.

Oh, yes, we are Halloween scrooges when we aren't in costume or at a party.Any kid who might have come around trick-or-treating would have gotten a package of Ramen noodles in his jackOlantern.