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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Spent most of the day at my computer, twiddling my thumbs inside my head, trying to think how I should progress in my novel. I don't often hit a roadblock when I write, but it happens.

I was making some headway, when Stuart announced there'd been an accident near our home. He and I went out to see if we knew anyone involved. Katie did drive past, but she wasn't in the accident. We don't know who was.

My camera really isn't equipped for night shots, especially without the flash, but I certainly didn't want to contribute to the mayhem by flashbanging the emergency crews.

I had a flashback to the accident Curtis and I were in on Christmas Day '07 and was grateful for the balmy weather tonight, despite so many complaints about the daytime heat.

Healing thoughts go to the woman who was transported to the hospital and to the young man who hit her and seemed intact, except for his attitude