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Monday, November 02, 2009

Katie and I had to take papers to Wickham Park Senior Center today and believe me, that was a process! After inserting a copy of MyGuide in each of the 250 papers, we had to secure them with twine and load them in the trunk of my car. Once at the Center, we had to walk each bundle in by hand - two at the time. With over a dozen bundles, that was six trips each. I was so happy to have Katie working today!

The morning occupied each of us with telephone calls, delivery requests and mailing - not to mention my post-deadline administrative duties. We had to wait for certain people to pick up or drop off items so we didn't leave the office for the Center until 1. We took our lunch with us and after the delivery, we enjoyed a nice lunch at the Lake in Wickham Park.

I was mesmerized by the knotty roots on this tree and told Katie that if duty didn't pull us away, I could remain there for hours just taking photos of that one tree. There were many remarkable aspects to it, but the roots pulled me in.