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Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Today is an auspicious day. My day at the office was surrounded with juvenile drama and sarcasm - from a man old enough to be "over it" but unwilling to move on beyond his own pain. Thus, he hurls insults and derisive remarks. I was grateful for the opportunity to leave the office for lunch with Katie at Firehouse and again to make a delivery. Every day that I work with Katie, I know how much I will miss her when she goes to FSU next semester.

While on my delivery, I saw a black anvil cloud beneath blue skies with the sun brightly beaming over it. I don't think I've ever seen such a skyscape before.

After work, I noticed the sun was reflecting off the windows on the office building, each portraying a different aspect of the sky and I 'm considering a new photo project as a result.

Stuart eagerly joined me when I told him I felt like shopping at World Market and I truly enjoyed his company. Then, we went to Aldi to see if they had any more bags of fifty-cent Halloween candy, but we were too late for that. We weren't too late for other inexpensive food items, but truly, Aldi can't fill all our food shopping needs, no matter how hard they try.

We drove past the McDonald's raccoon feeding ground and as I slowed the car, more than a dozen critters came out of the woods and approached. I'm sure that is because people feed them from their cars. I decided we'd have a Mickey Dee dinner tonight.

Curtis cued up the second half of "Battlestar Galactica's" pilot mini-series for our evening entertainment (prior to football, of course). We're filling Stu in on all the episodes he missed so he can enjoy "Caprica" with us when it airs.

Then - I learned that Richard and Sharon are married! I'm very happy for both of them. They had a quiet ceremony at a friend's house and now Zakary and Autumn are playing "Let's get married." Too cute. I'm eager to give my new daughter-in-law a hug!