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Sunday, November 08, 2009


Curtis and I spent practically all day at Merritt Square Mall for the Sunflower house Caregiver Support and Expo and tried to get people to enter to win the recumbent bike. I think the size of the bike turned some people off. Others were afraid we'd spam them or show up on their doorstep one day, unannounced.

I had to abandon Curtis for an hour while I walked with Walter Kiely, one of our photographers, to video interview several people for YouTube/Senior Life. I think we were not in an ideal location, because I barely gave out a full bundle of papers. The people I did talk with were very nice.

Curtis got our lunch from the food court and we packed up to go home at 3. I think those last few hours were the longest.

I am so grateful he accompanied me. His engineering skills came in handy when it came time to put the bike rack back on the car and load the bike.  I might have been able to figure the contraption out, eventually, but he flew through it with practical ease.  We had determined last night that the trip would be smoother without the seat, so it rested in the back of  the Cressida.

While I waited for him to secure the rack, I found a few things to photograph in the parking lot, including this majestic palm with the afternoon sun behind her.