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Sunday, November 08, 2009


The bulk of my Christmas shopping and wrapping is behind me for 2009!  I took my own advice and spent some time and a little money after the holidays to stock up on wrapping paper and throughout the year, I have been picking up items on sale or within budget and I've stashed them away for the holidays.

Next week, when I visit my family in SC, I will have gifts for the grandchildren all wrapped and ready. This year, I won't have to ship them. I think when Richard lived in Hawaii, I cured myself of the need to buy gifts and ship them. I still buy the gifts, but now, I'll find a way to hand deliver if possible.

Another thing my pre-Thanksgiving wrapping spree helped with was to determine who I may have skimped on, who still needs a gift and who I will opt to not gift this year. I surprised myself and am farther along than I thought.