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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Jane brought biscuits to Momma’s today and arrived moments after I woke. After our breakfast and a short sister-visit, Jane set up Momma’s meds for the upcoming week.

I wandered around in the morning air and listened as Joe’s bantam rooster crowed. I don’t think I could ever be happy living here full time again, but I did enjoy this morning. Perhaps it’s simply because there were no demands on me to get ready to rush off to work by a certain time.

I know there are people who relish their morning rituals and take pride in waking early so they can putter about before starting their day. I am not one of those people.

Before lunchtime, Momma and I went to town, because here, we have to “go to town.” Her home is situated about ten miles away from nearly everything. Her closest neighbor, other than my brother, Joe, is about a quarter of a mile away. Other than other rural residents, the next sign of civilization is five miles away, in the form of hotels and chain restaurants at the I-95 exit. Still, “town” is another five to seven miles and here, people “go Wal-Martin’,” which is exactly what we did –after a brief visit to the newly opened and highly over-priced Goodwill store. Deals and Doo Dads, the (high end) Devereux  Resale Shoppe in Viera is more reasonably priced! 

The Super Wal-Mart in Walterboro is enormous and often wears Momma out on a good day. She hasn’t had many good days lately. Her excursions are usually limited to doctor visits. Today, she saw several acquaintances, who inquired about her health and that seemed to energize her. I picked up some Carolina wines that I’m eager to try. Halfway through her mental list, she announced her hunger and said we needed to hurry. We expedited our trip – still without a shopping list – and returned home, detouring around unexpected Saturday road construction.

Momma and I enjoyed our lunch at home and napped until a phone call from Jane roused us from our slumber. Jane wanted to ask if I had seen any change since the application of Momma’s “memory patch.” One day isn’t really enough to show much improvement, but after seeing that she had picked up two more packages of butter, though she already had two unopened in her refrigerator, I can see the need for something that may stimulate her short term memory.

If the patches work, I may request some!

I thought tonight’s sunset was much more remarkable than last night’s and walked around Momma’s yard while Joe’s little rooster bid farewell to another day.