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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Last night, Momma made plans for today.  We were to return to Wal-Mart for me to purchase a tree or plant for Jacob, get some items now on the list to avoid duplicating things she already has and perhaps go to Duke’s for barbeque.

None of that happened.

Momma said she didn’t sleep very well last night and she wasn’t up for a drive. Later in the day, she did agree that getting out might be nice. It was. We enjoyed a sun dappled drive in the country despite road construction that narrowed our drive to one paved lane. I was happy we didn’t meet too many oncoming cars on the dirt road.

Lunch was “grits soup” because Momma put too much water in the pot and it just didn’t seem to cook out. I added ham chunks to the grits and it suited us fine. For dinner, I created something new. I seared onions, added apple bits and when they were soft, I put salted pork chops on top. A cup of chardonnay simmered with the chops for about half an hour and then I added shredded cheese. We both enjoyed it.

Matt invited me to join him at a birthday party for a friend. He said he’d even be designated driver if I wanted to drink. I declined.

My quiet day ended with a pleasant, quiet evening. Just Momma and me.