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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Today was Mary and Matt day. Since Momma opted out of our mother-son day, he and I went for a walk after I met his neighbor/friend, Blue, and stopped at Dairy Land for lunch.

Matt and I went to the “Walking Trail” behind Live Oak Cemetery and we walked about two miles or so. We talked and took photos of beautiful scenery. After our walk, we went shopping and then placed a poinsettia on Jacob’s grave. By then, the sun was beginning to set, so we replaced the targa top on the Supra.

Jim and Tara were planning to eat with friends, so Matt and I took takeout chicken to Momma. We were surprised by a visit from Joey, Crystal, Chrissie and Zoe -  and then Joe stopped by for a visit, too.

Since Matt and I had been invited to stop for drinks at the bar at Longhorn, where Blue works, we wanted to end our evening there. Joe’s daughter, Kristen (Krissy) was there with her husband, Shaun. So were some other people Matt knows. The bar has two televisions and the football game was on, but the bar closed before the game ended, so most of the people went to another bar. Matt was going home with Blue, so all I had to do was return to Momma’s.

Blue fixed me a drink when I first arrived, called a Yummy.  Another patron paid for four of us to have one. It was Kalua, Baileys and Gran Marnier.  It was indeed yummy. Then, Blue asked what I wanted to “drink-drink.” I didn’t really know, so I told her I wanted something I’d never had before. She poured me two half-shots for testing. One was a blue-green liquid called Mystique and the other was Firefly, a sweet tea flavored vodka, distilled in Wadmalaw, S.C. I chose the vodka and enjoyed my sipping all night long.

Matt and all his friends hugged me when I said my farewells. This was a pleasant day from start to finish, but I find myself missing “home” more than I thought I would.