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Sunday, November 22, 2009


Momma and I took the scenic route to Cracker Barrel today for lunch and were treated to free dessert after we talked with the manager. Whoever made my salad put the core to the lettuce head in.

“What can I do to make this up to you?” the manager asked.

Momma told him, “You’ve listened to our complaint. That’s good enough.”

I said, “I just want to know that you talk with your staff to be sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. No real harm done.”

“Just so you know,” Momma said, “she’s a reporter for a paper in Florida.”

He returned with our check – the beverages and salad were free. He said he also wanted to give us each a slice of pie. Yummy!

After lunch, we visited my cousin, Stevie. I took some photos of his farm equipment and some of the old trees surrounding his home while I talked on the phone with Matt. We had a pleasant visit with Stevie, though I spoke with his sister, Linda (my best cousin) while there, too.

When we returned home, the sun was just beginning to set and had formed some interesting shadows. I spent another hour or so walking around her property taking photos of the fall colors and shadows.

We plan to enjoy our last evening together.