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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 66

Since Viera Voice was at the printer, I devoted myself to working on Senior Life edits, between managing the office activities. Katie and I took a break for lunch and enjoyed ourselves at Uno Chicago Grill before we resumed our pace at the office for the afternoon.

Even though Monday night is Family Night at our home, I called to see if Patty would be at the salon after 5. Since she said she'd be there until 9, I called Curtis and Stu and told them I'd be late for dinner. I NEEDED my hair restyled.

This was what I saw as I left the office and I remembered why I love living a mile from the office!  Tail lights, road construction at the entrance to I-95 is not how I want to spend my evening commutes. Coming home was worse, because the exit was almost completely blocked!