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Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 70


Thanksgiving Day in America. If I were with the Wordens, I'd have made lots of food to carry to my mother's house, but since I was there last week, I spent this day with the Brothertons.

My mother had all four sons, Bernadette and two more generations in her home. Jane, Donna and I were not able to join them. Everyone brought food and  I'm sure they all had a great time. Lunch was planned for noon. I am eager to see photos from there.

We slept in today. At noon, I showered and at 2, we started toward my in-law's. Barbara always makes a great presentation and has her rituals. We dress nicely, light candles, eat from fine china in the dining room and drink wine. Barbara doesn't cook much from scratch, but what she does cook is always good. I don't think I have ever had homebaked dessert there unless I brought it, but I don't mind. Family is what counts.

She offered me a glass of wine within moments of our arrival and then ordered me and everyone else out of her kitchen.

Curt asked Curtis to carve the turkey, today. I think he was passing on the torch.

When the meal was ready, we stood around the kitchen table, where the food was to be served buffet style. Curt read a devotional and asked each of us to tell why we are thankful. I have so much for which I am grateful that I choked up. Tears flowed as I listed some of the many things that enrich my life: family, health, love of literature, the freedom to drive to see my mother, sons and grandchildren among others, good running cars, a great job that I love. By the time I got round to my job, my tears clouded my vision and I handed the gratitude gauntlet to Mac.

After dinner, Barbara announced that it was time for the ritual group photo -her way to document family gatherings. We finally determined how to set her camera's self timer and both cameras did their jobs.

Stuart enjoys thwarting my attempts to photograph him, but he has an eye for art and together, we created this.