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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 73

I spent my morning working one last edit for Senior Life, then prepared to check out the "Really, Really Free Market of Melbourne."

The Realy, Really Free Market of Melbourne is where people bring whatever they have from home and leave them out for anyone to take. You can then go around the park and take what has been left out by others.

People of all walks of life meet from 1- 4 on the last Sunday of each month at Holmes Park, sometimes called the Manatee Park, because of the Manatee sculpture. It's on  Melbourne Avenue, just west of the train trestle.

At a Really Really Free Market, goods and services are available at no cost. Like a garage sale or swap meet, but better. Everything is free. No charge, no haggle, no hassle.

Musicians played near a communal food table and every time someone new came with bags or boxes of items, people flocked over to see what treasures had arrived. Holmes Park is ideal because it has wonderful surfaces ready for items - no need to bring tables or blankets for display, but of course, if you want to, you can. There are no rules and everyone there has a generous spirit.

I carried books, scarves, ties, some stained glass decorations, a few baskets and within an hour, nearly everything I'd brought was gone.

People exchanged information, business cards, ideas and tangible products. The idea is that once a month, people will come together to share what they have. Massages, face painting, surplus garden items, soup. Whatever suits your fancy will suit someone else, too.

It's perfectly fine to bring nothing but an appetite and curiosity. It's like a fair and a communal feast it is only as good as the people who support it and attend.