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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Day 88
I went back to work after missing two days and sleeping through most of the weekend. Curtis would not leave me to get Matt, because he was worried about me. He finally left sometime this afternoon, after a few glitches, but he is on his way to get Matt.

A deep fog rolled in around 4 p.m. to match my mood.

I'm still not very hungry and still am very tired. After a little food and a nap, Stu and I decided to put the Christmas tree up. We listened to Daft Punk while he worked and I watched. He's never seen such a tree - this one is much older than he is! He's accustomed to the fiber optic trees with pre-set lights, so to assemble a tree and put lights up was a new concept to this kid.

He made me laugh and I appreciate that. Laughter is great medicine. In my case, it makes me cough and I need that, apparently.

Stu clowned around for me with these beads, courtesy of Richard's first Mardi Gras in New Orleans, about 10 years ago.

The tree may not be up to some standards, but it is up and when the house is dark and the lights glow, nobody can tell what's wrong with the tree.

Thanks for your help, Stu!