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Friday, December 25, 2009


Today was a fantastic day! A phone call was my morning alarm and since I had errands, I took care of them first thing this morning. Still need to find a UPS outlet for Stu's Xbox.

By 1:00, the family was in the Cressida heading to "the beach," but with so many beaches to choose from, we opted for one with free parking that seemed the farthest from what appeared to be an impending storm. Curtis and Stu opted to sit on a bench while Matt and I went for a walk. I discovered that walking and talking requires more energy than I expected, but we enjoyed our time together.

Matt and I were discussing how much more we should walk before returning to the others, when Stu appeared from behind us. We'd already walked about an hour, and Stu ran to catch up to us. Curtis had gone to sit in the car. We all walked on a bit more, and I got a great photo of the Stu and Matt sending gulls a flying. I also took photos of sand sculptures and vacationers. We started seeing many blue and pink blobs on the beach. We decided they are Portuguese Man-o-War and took the appropriate photos. We all agreed this was a great way to spend Christmas Eve in Florida.

Stu wanted to smash all the sand sculptures he saw as we returned to the parking lot, but Matt insisted he should allow the tide to do it, instead. We found one that seemed partially destroyed so I said he could attack it.

In the end, even Stu said he enjoyed walking with us.  The kid who usually "hates the beach" had fun.