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Friday, December 25, 2009


How am I supposed to select just one photo to represent this day? There were moments that stand out and will be told in family lore for years to come. We'll reminisce about the time Mike "borrowed" his mother's can opener to add weight to the package with a single gift card and told her, "It'll probably show up around here a little later," when she asked if he had seen the can opener. Likewise, he put a log in another package for Curt. By the way, this was the first Christmas in a decade that they did not light a fire and turn on the AC. The orange tree in the yard is bearing fruit!

Since I was the one to help Barb use the auto timer on her camera, I was the one who had to run and find a place without blocking anyone's face. All the tall people were in place and I had to squat down to be sure I didn't block anyone else - but we got our obligatory family photo completed.

The formal tree, as always, was beautiful and the heritage tree was overflowing with sentimental ornaments and gifts. This year's wild goose chases weren't as elaborate as in years past. Mike only had to go fetch his from a closet since it was too large to fit under the tree and Stu's chase consisted not of clues to new hiding places, but wrapped notes telling him his gift was truly under the tree somewhere else. Those notes made him smile in a way we haven't seen often.

I have an adorable photo of Matt in a Santa hat - not goofy or silly, just downright adorable. Curtis suggested my photo of his foot might be the photo of the day, and while there are gifts in the background, I don't think it qualifies and although Barb's formal table etting is beautiful, the photography isn't spectacular enough to be my photo of the day, either.

In the end, I chose to focus on one single ornament.