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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The first day after either paper drops is always a busy day. If that day happens to be a Monday, the administrative tasks double - the Monday after a long weekend - yikes! Web updates, notifications, mailings - oh and let's not forget the random weird calls that seem to come in on these days!

Today, I was the only person in the suite and it was icy cold! The thermostat stayed at 70 or 71 most of the morning and I had to go home for chili and a sweater. Once Milo arrived and he started making soup and coffee, the building warmed up some. Of course, the warmth could have come from the rising sun, too. By the time I went home, the ambient temperature inside had risen to 75.

When I stepped outside to go home for some warmth, I heard laughter and saw a group of cyclists on the sidewalk. Their outfits made a striking contrast against the dark green trees and the brilliantly blue sky that I had to take just one picture of them. They were halfway to my house before I was able to get my car started!

I started working on the website updates shortly after 3 but didn't finish until 6:30. By then, it was dark outside. I was grateful that Milo was working late this evening, so I didn't feel all alone when I went home. My new car air freshener truly does glow in the dark. It smells nice, too.

Coming home an hour and a half later than normal, the entire household was set off balance. By the time I called my mother, changed into comfy, warm, snuggly clothes and spoke to the family - we were all hungry and nothing had been started for dinner. By the time I finished my pork chops, sauteed onion gravy, rice, corn and omigod-good caramelized squash, Matt was home from work - so we were able to have the entire family together for dinner.

While doing the dishes, Stu remarked that he found a gecko today on the grill Curtis and Matt brought home (thanks BMS!). We all went out to see if it was still on the grill. The tiny reptile was still hunkered down on the side warmer tray, trying to stay warm. As soon as Matt picked it up, the rascal dug in. He wasn't going to leave a 98 degree hand for a sheet of metal that was bound to be heading down from 40 degrees. No way!

We drilled holes in a clear Ferrar Rocher box and lined it with a paper towel, put some water in a shallow jar lid and made a home for the little fellow.  Then, we looked online for a similar gecko and we think this may be a non-native reptile from Africa, south of the Sahara. If this is the case, we can't set it free, so I contacted Critter Man Chris and sent him a picture. He'll tell me what my options are.

I don't know what would happen if Kenny gets his claws on him. For now, Matt is guarding him in his room.