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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Day 111

The only thing worse than waking up to frost on the ground in Central Florida is going to work to discover the temperature is four degrees lower than it was the frigid day before! Yesterday, I worked part of the day from home because the thermostat read 68. Later, the landlord came in and turned on the heat for the first time this season. I expected to see at least 71 or 72 when I came in this morning, but instead, I saw 64 and if I'd tried, I might have been able to see my breath.

After waiting over an hour and working in my coat and gloves, the boss told me to work from home and I felt like I was in a toaster oven - very nice. I am grateful for technology like call forwarding and email that does not tie me down to one location. There are things I cannot do from home, but they can wait.

Landlord called after 4 p.m. with "good news, bad news and good news." The heat is broken (bad); a tech is coming tomorrow (good); it's supposed to be warmer tomorrow (good). Since the tech is scheduled to come out sometime "between noon and 3," I will be working from home again tomorrow - at least half a day!