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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Day 113

In Florida, we are accustomed to sunny days, balmy sea breezes and blue skies. We've had none of that today! We've had precipitation all day: rain, sleet and believe it or not, snow! The one snow flurry we witnessed lasted less than five minutes and we probably could have counted the snowflakes if we'd tried. The one snowflake I photographed on Curtis' jacket could have been a flake of ash from someone's fireplace for all I could tell. It did melt when I touched it, but so did the tiny flakes of sleet.

Today was a day for staying in, bundled up, near loved ones. It was not a day for going outdoors hoping to capture snow on the camera. The rain, when it fell was very cold, so I didn't want to stay out long. With temperatures dropping, who knows what this water will look like tomorrow?