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Wednesday, January 13, 2010


When you see the signs that command, "Don't feed the wildlife," please pay attention and don't feed the wildlife!

Some well-intentioned individuals saw raccoons doing what raccoons do. They were scavenging, but they were doing it at a local fast-food restaurant's garbage dumpster.

They must have said, "Awww, poor things; they must be hungry," and before long, dozens of dogfood dishes somehow ended up in the wooded area nearby. More and more dishes with more and more food have been placed out every day. Generations of raccoons have come to depend on humans for food in this area and each generation, the wild animals have come to associate slow or parked cars with their food source.

The longer we sat there, the more raccoons came waddling out of the brush, until they started fighting to be among the front line, because they knew the people who have food will feed it to the ones at the front of the line. They came so close to the car, I think Matt could have reached out and petted them if he had tried.

Please, don't feed the wildlife!