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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 120

After a laborious breakfast of waffles, bacon, hash browns, fruit, juice and tea, Curtis and I walked about a quarter of a mile to Island Grand for our "classic" massages, then back to Sandpiper where we nearly melted into the sofa for an hour or so before we left for the Salvador Dali Museum. By the time we finished and walked along The Pier (mostly looking at sailboats) it was threatening to rain.

I "needed" to test out the hammocks before leaving in the morning, so we ambled out to the beach just before the lightning show started.

Curtis said, "It's starting to storm and here we are underneath some pine trees."

We were fortunate enough to have ample awnings to Piper's Patio, which was right below us. We'd been smelling what turned out to be leek soup all off and on throughout the day whenever we were in the resort. Piper's dinner was good, but alas! No dessert other than Key Lime pie. Looks like my departure breakfast may have to be Chocolate Madness.

It truly is a tough job, but if I don't do it, who will?