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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Day 141

Saturdays have always been for sleeping in. From as long as I can remember, I have loved to lounge around on Saturdays and do things at my own pace, without interruption or distraction. When I was younger, Saturdays meant catching what was left of the cartoons, what cereal remained after my siblings had all had their fill and squeezing into whatever space remained in front of the family's one, small television set.

As a young teen, Saturdays were for catching up on sleep lost to late night studying or reading for my book reports. Once I landed a job, my Saturday morning sleep fests ended. As a young mother, I couldn't sleep in any longer, either. My sons required my attention. Then, they grew up and I wasn't a young mother any longer.

Now, I can sleep in most Saturdays until my body has had its fill, like a vampire whose teeth have found a fresh neck to feed upon until satiated. Today, I woke on the stroke of 10 a.m. and wanted to bury my head under my pillow for a few more hours. I almost did, before I remembered that I'd promised to enter some important data. When I looked for the information - I was certain I'd brought it home yesterday - I realized I brought the wrong files.Yikes! So, rather than getting an early start, I began working at noon. The slow process ended four hours later and I had barely an hour of sunlight calling me outside.

The sky was a brilliant, beautiful Florida Blue, but the gusts of wind meant I'd have to wear a jacket. I chose one that was too light, but I walked fast as a result. That is, until I saw the shadows in the park. There were so many angles from which to photograph them and as the sun started setting, I wanted to linger. I tried sitting at a picnic table to meditate and soak up the sun, but the shadows seemed to call me to my feet. As I was walking around one tree, searching for the one angle where my own shadow would not be in the frame, I stepped onto the edge of a hole and nearly lost my balance. Even though there don't appear to be any four-leaf clovers here, I was fortunate enough that I didn't step into the hole and break my leg.

Since the sun was starting to set, I decided to return to the sidewalk and avoid any further "pitfalls."

* I apologize. It's been a long day.*