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Monday, November 09, 2015

Even when I read, I edit.

I've been reading self-published books lately and they are rife with mistakes, but even when I read a book that's been published by a major house and some that have spent time on the best-seller's lists, I still find errors. Rather than beating my head on a tree, because let's face it, trees are slightly softer than concrete walls, and rather than marking up an otherwise wonderful book, I point my trusty red pen to the problem and snap a photo of it.

Problem solved. Sort of. The error still exists and other unsuspecting readers may stumble over it, as I did, but what's an editor to do?

I can't make every writer hire me, can I? If only I could find a way to encourage every writer to employ a skilled editor. By employ, I mean use, not necessarily hire for money. In fact, if you're a writer and need an editor to catch all those pesky little mistakes your spouse, your best friend and your old English teacher with failing vision miss, Contact me and let's discuss options that might not include money. The best option will include compensation of some sort, so don't expect free editing service.

I do, however, offer free writing tips that might help you become a better writer and show you how you can catch some of the most overlooked mistakes.

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